SEO vs. SEM: Which Approach Can Best Optimize Your Visibility?

While most fields are experiencing significant growth, SEO is still essential to stand out and acquire new customers. But SEM should not be ignored. The difference between the two? It all depends on how much money a person wants to spend and their expected rate of growth. SEO can be purely organic, while SEM is based on PPC (Paid Per Click). What is the importance of each of these two techniques? This article explains why SEM is optimal, according to TopSpot SEM Online Marketing Services.

SEO, SEM, SEA… What are the differences?

Before going into details, let’s look at the different concepts related to SEO campaigns. Many terms are often used synonymously, although they are distinct concepts: SEO, SEM, SEA. A viable distinction is now common that the phrase “Search Marketing” includes the successful efforts (SEM, SEA, PPC and SEO) of all techniques involved.

SEO versus SEM: Knowing your investment

One of the first aspects to consider when comparing SEO and SEM is the investment they require: on one side, SEM requires a budget to be effective with the advantage being that this approach can generate traffic fast. On the other hand, SEO can be done without direct costs, which can save time spent creating content and optimizing it for the SEO campaign in question. To be effective, SEO requires further efforts in the long term and website owners must remain cautious of the ever-changing criteria of search engines. In the case of a new site, it may be interesting to have a budget dedicated to SEM campaigns: these campaigns will generate a certain volume of traffic and increase brand awareness, all this while SEO efforts are put in place. People can always lower their SEM budget once their organic SEO is in place.

Advantages in terms of visibility

As mentioned above, dedicating a budget to SEM is a good way for a new site to become quickly visible in user queries. However, being well placed in organic results, ideally on the front page, will also be advantageous and less costly in the long run. By combining the SEO and SEM efforts, a website could appear several times on the same page, reinforcing your reputation and trust that consumers grant your business.