Welcome to Mommy Powers!

This is Mommy Powers! This blog is meant to encourage, educate, inspire and uplift you. We all know a woman's work is never done and sometimes you gotta use your Mommy Powers just to make it through the day! 

Hello, I am "Mommy Powers!" I am a mommy of two children, a teenager and a toddler. (I also have two "Angel Babies" in Heaven.) Being a mom is a blessing and the most important job (Yes, JOB!) that I have ever had. I enjoy every moment of it…well, almost every moment! ;) I am a bi-racial mommy (Se habla espanol!) raising multiracial children. I'm a Christian and could not have made it this far without my God!

I will be blogging about all things "Mommy". I like to keep it real, because sometimes life gets messy! We will be talking about the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly! I will also be blogging about issues that pertain to ALL women, not just moms. Some of the subjects I touch on, will be subjects others may shy away from, subjects that might make you feel uncomfortable. I am well aware of this and will speak on them anyways! We need to discuss things we do not understand, we need to shed light on them…when we do, the truth will be revealed.

Last but not least, I will also be blogging about day-to-day stuff, ordinary life stuff! My goal is to keep the blog positive, a joyful place to be; as I want everyone to want to visit here. Thank you!

Never stop using your Mommy Powers!


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