Product Review & Giveaway- 1Hour Break, Natural Stress Relief

I was recently asked to review a  Natural Stress Relief product, called 1Hour Break.  ( As a busy mom who is sometimes stressed-out beyond belief, I was very curious about this product and agreed to check it out. 



1Hour Break™ is the first and only 100% natural anti-anxiety and relaxation spray on the market, formulated by a leading clinical herbalist with over 30 years of experience in homeopathic remedies.

It’s a synergy of 5 herbal extracts including the highest quality kava cultivated by farmers in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu who say If you drink kava, you no worry.

1Hour Break™ is vegetarian, gluten free, kosher certified, and proudly made in the USA."

1Hour Break contains Vanuatu Kava, ( ,Passion Flower herb, St. John’s Wort flowers, Lobelia herb, and fresh Pulsatilla herb. 1Hour Break™ reduces stress, anxiety, nervous irritability, and moodiness. It also promotes better sleep by calming your body and mind. It does NOT interfere with cognitive function for staying clear and alert.

I found 1Hour Break to have a calming effect on me, it did exactly what it was supposed to do. It calmed my nerves and helped me get through a particularly rough day. It has a nice wintergreen flavor. You just spray a couple of shots under your tongue and then swallow it. You might experience a bit of tingling on your tongue or mouth, which is perfectly normal. Take 5 to 15 sprays (1-3ml) and let it sit for 10 seconds before swallowing. Shake well. Best taken on an empty stomach. Not for use with alcoholic beverages. Please consult your doctor if you are taking medication or have a medical condition, prior to using 1Hour Break.


Here's a video that explains 1Hour Break a little better:


You can find 1Hour Break online at: 


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I Heart Faces- B&W Contest- Wish me luck!! Life’s A Gift Photography

Some of you know that I love photography & hope to make it my full-time career someday. Until then, I am trying to learn as much as possible & improve. I Heart Faces,, is having a B&W photo contest this month & I am entering it. I have never entered any of their contests and I am looking forward to any and all feedback I may receive. I recently did my first ever maternity photo shoot for a friend and I think this B&W pic is the prefect one to enter.  My friend just delivered her first baby, at the age of 40, after many miscarriages and IVF treatments! The joy on her face & her husband's is clearly evident! Hope you like it!! 


Mommy Powers!


 This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge –