Dangers Lithium Batteries Pose to Small Children!

Dangers of Lithium Batteries and Small Children


This morning, as I watched the Today Show, I saw this story about the dangers lithium batteries pose to small children. I was horrified to think something so small and benign looking could potentially kill my child. I knew immediately that I could not let the day go by without posting this to my blog. Please watch this video and make sure you keep all your lithium batteries away from small children. The batteries are tiny and appear harmless…a very bad combination when dealing with small children. One of these batteries could easily find it's way into a child's mouth without you even knowing. 

Please pass this information on to everyone you know, everyone needs to be made aware of the dangers these batteries pose to children. Thank you! 

Product Review for ASL DVD: “Baby, Toddler and Preschool Sign Language” by Louise Sattler and Friends

This is my first product review post on my blog, though I have done other products reviews!


I recently had an opportunity to review an ASL DVD entitled, ”Baby, Toddler and Preschool Sign Language” by Louise Sattler and Friends. 
 I was excited about reviewing this DVD, as our 4 year old has shown an interest in learning ASL. He knows a few words that he has learned from watching
preschool programs on television. I was a bit concerned that he would not be able to sit through an entire DVD, but was I ever wrong!
As I put the DVD into the player, my little guy told me he was “so excited!” I told him I was too. As the video began playing, my preschooler was all eyes. He was sitting right next to me on the sofa and we both starting imitating the signs we were being taught. 
This interactive video was full of signs to learn and very “kid-friendly”. My preschooler was able to mimic most of the signs he was shown. He was totally into the video and did not get up off the sofa one time. The video had his full attention, and that is a very hard feat to accomplish! 
 I thought the video was just the right length, not too long and not too short. Louise Sattler does a great job teaching the children sign language. I was impressed with the Spanish words in sign too. My son is very eager to learn other languages. I try to teach him spanish words and he recognized a few of the spanish words being taught in sign, He thought it was very “cool!”
 Louise Sattler also has folders & language charts available. They both have photos of children signing on them and the word they are signing is listed under each photo. These would make excellent learning aids and are great idea.
I give “Baby, Toddler and Preschool Sign Language” a big thumbs-up! A+, job well done! If you are looking for a DVD that will teach your baby, toddler or preschooler sign language, this is the one for you! 
   <— signing “book”
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Why Do We Rush Life?!

Next week, my oldest will start his Senior year of high school. I can remember his first day of Kinder…heck, I can remember bringing him home from the hospital! It seems like just yesterday that he was born, all 5 lbs 12 oz's of him! I remember the first night home, sitting on the bed and crying. Hubby asked me what was wrong, was I in pain. I told him I was crying because we would only have our son for eighteen years, then he'd be off to college, joining the workforce, and getting married! Hubby started laughing. I told him it wasn't fair, that my grandparents had been married for fifty years, 50! Our son would grow up and leave us after 18 years, he'd marry someone and that lucky girl could quite possibly have him for 50 years!! It wasn't fair!! Granted, I'm quite sure hormones had something to do with my sobbing spell…but I was right.  And here we are, our son is about to begin his Senior year of high school and will be turning 18 soon…time flies. (Hope he never finds out I posted his Cub Scout photo here!)

We all know that time flies by, yet, so many of us try to "rush" it along…why do we do that? I can remember when our little one was a baby, it took him forever to learn how to hold his own bottle. I would sit there, feeding him, wishing, hoping, he would hold his own bottle. He did finally learn to hold it on his own, and you know what? I missed feeding him, holding his bottle for him.  We all do it, not just moms.

I can remember being a kid. What does every kid want to be, more than anything else in the world?! A grown-up! I remember being in the 5th grade, all the other girls had training bras…so, of course, I wanted one too. (Even though I had nothing to "train" LOL!) My mom asked me if I was going to wear it or just put it in my drawer, she did not want to waste the money on it if I was not going to wear it. She told me I did not need it, I could get one next year…but I was determined. She finally gave in and bought me my training bra. I was so excited, I was now going to be a "grown-up, " I thought I would become a woman the moment I put that bra on. But you know what? I didn't, and that bra was so itchy, I thought I'd never get use to wearing it! LOL! But I had wanted it so badly, I wanted to be  grown-up. I was in a big hurry to grow up! I was trying to rush life along.

Seems we are never satisfied with where we are in life. We want the kids to be "older" so we can do more things, go more places. We want them to grow up, be independent, life will be "better" or "more fun" when the kids are grown and out of the house. When the mortgage is paid off, then we can take that trip we've been putting off. When we lose weight, then life will be a blast. When we get that promotion, life will really be good then, and on & on & on.

The truth is, life is good NOW! Right now! Every day that you wake up, is a great day. Every single morning that we are able to get up out of bed and walk into the kitchen for that bowl of cereal is a blessing! Don't wait for the kids to get older, or for that promotion, before you start living life. Enjoy where you are right now, enjoy this moment you have been given, make the most of it. Every day is a gift, treat it as such.

Life is not perfect, no one ever said it would be. Don't waste another day trying to rush life along, waiting for everything to be perfect … that day will never come. Life is not something waiting for you down the road, in your future, life is HERE & NOW! Don't rush it along, it does that on it's own.

I remember being with my grandfather one year on his birthday. We were in the living room and my grandmother brought out a home-made, Coconut Cream Pie, topped with lit birthday candles. We sang happy birthday to him and he blew out the candles. She then took the pie back to the kitchen to cut it up and serve to us. My grandfather looked at me and said, " You know, the older I get, the quicker time seems to be passing by. Seems like I blow out the candles on one cake and when I turn around, your Maw-Maw's standing there with another birthday cake!" He then laughed and just shook his head. I have never forgotten those words. As I get older, I see what he was talking about. It's so true.

Please don't try to rush life along, don't wait to enjoy life. Do everything you want to do right now, while you still can. Make memories with your children. Once they are grown and out of the house, it's too late. I don't want to be sitting in my rocking chair with a bunch of regrets, and I don't think you want that either.

I love life! Let's embrace it…live in the moment! 


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My first ever DIY project!

Up until last Friday, I had never touched a staple gun in my life! But our breakfast nook chairs really needed some help. We have had them for about 4 years, and they have been severely abused by our 4 year old! They have (had) clear plastic on them, but that was no match for my lil guy! On several occasions, I caught him "stabbing" at the plastic with his fork… making tiny holes in the plastic…tiny holes that he then made larger, much larger, by sticking his little toddler fingers into and then pulling with all his might! He has spilled drinks, food and who knows what else on these poor chairs. Slowly, but surely, the plastic covering meant to protect them started peeling back, exposing the cream colored fabric underneath. Well, it use to be cream colored, now portions were DIRT colored, for lack of a better word. Yep, something needed to be done! 

I have a Facebook friend named Jackie, she is an awesome lady, sweet as can be and oh-so-crafty! She is always refinishing/refurbishing something. We both love thrift stores and antiques! She does not know it (well, she does now!) but she was my inspiration for taking on my first DIY project. I decided last week, that I would attempt to reupholster the chairs! I went to my local thrift store to hunt down some fabric and I found a great pattern that I immediately liked. I bought it and then headed to Home Depot to purchase some staples for hubby's staple gun. I found them and drove home excited to begin my project.

It only took me about half an hour to figure out how to open up the staple gun and load up the staples in it! LOL!  I had removed the cushions from the chairs the day before and removed all the staples that were already in it, then I removed the clear plastic and threw all of it away…good riddance!  

First thing I did was measure how much material I would need for each cushion, really easy. Then I cut out the first square. I looked at the cushion to see how it was originally covered. They attached the sides first, then the ends, so I decided to do the same.  I pulled the material taut and fired off the first staple. It was a bit tougher than I thought it would be, had to muster up all my Mommy Powers to pull the trigger! The staples did not quite go all the way in, so I got a hammer and banged 'em in! No biggie! 

I repeated this for all the cushions, and I think they came out really well! After I was done, I felt really good about myself! I had set out to do something and I followed through and did it. I took pics along the way, (of course!). I knew this was something I would want to share with y'all! Tell me what you think! I think they look cute and I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I had never done before!

What DIY projects have You completed? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear about it! 


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Moms Matter Too!

\"Just the Way You Are\" by Bruno Mars

I did something I rarely do a couple of days back…I splurged on… get ready for this one… Myself! Yep, that's right, on little ole me! Well, let me correct that, I did not actually purchase the item for myself. It was my anniversary, hubby & I… 21 years! So, as usual, he waited until the night before & said he needed to go out and do some "shopping". I knew he meant anniversary shopping. Usually I just tell him I don't want/need anything and not to bother. But this time, this time was different. Earlier that day, I had found a sample of perfume that had been mailed to me, one of my "freebies", I'm a freebie freak! :) I opened up the teeny-tiny package & swept the little moist towelette onto my arms and then took a sniff. It smelled wonderful!!! I made a mental note of the name & threw away the packaging.

So instead of giving him my usual, "Don't bother, I don't need anything" answer – I busted out with, "Hey! I smelled a really good perfume today and I'd really like to have it!" I think he was taken aback for a few seconds. He asked me what it was (Dolce & Gabbana, The One) and headed out to the mall. He gave it to me the next day!

As I opened up my perfume, I got to thinking…why do we, as moms, always put ourselves last? I do it all the time. I buy my boys the cutest clothes, buy hubby nice looking duds, but never buy anything new for myself. And it's not just clothes. Let's say I make breakfast and I burn some of the bacon…that bacon immediately goes on my plate. Same for burnt toast, crispy pancakes, charred hamburgers…you name it! If I cooked it and I burned it, then I'm the one who's gonna end up eating it! 

I can't really see my hubby doing the same! I picture him burning a burger and then giving it to our oldest! And then snickering as our oldest bites into his burger. Moms are different, we want the best for our children, our families, and we are willing to suffer in order to get it.

My mom was the same way, she would buy for us before buying for herself.

Another example, we went on vacation a couple of weeks back. I had shopped around and gotten us all the best deals on just about everything, flight, accommodations and meals! I'm very frugal and quite the bargain hunter! :) Right before we left, I decided to get a pedicure. I found a place nearby and went ahead and got my toes did! When I got home, I tried to remember the last time I'd had a pedicure. It was 2008, while visiting family in Texas! 2008! Pedicures do not cost that much, I could easily get one per month, but I don't. I spend my money on my boys…

Moms matter too, we need to take time for ourselves, we need to pamper ourselves. I am going to make an honest effort to do more little things for myself. Having a pedicure once a month will not break the bank, and it will be some "Me" time…something I am definitely lacking in my life. I am with my lil guy 24/7…I love him with all my heart, but I need some "Me" time, time to myself, so I can re-energize my Mommy Powers! ;)

All you moms out there, please take time for yourself- you matter, we ALL matter. Pamper yourself, buy that new dress, or perfume. That pair of earrings you've had your eyes on would look great on you! Go ahead & do it ! From now on, let's not just take care of our families, let's take care of ourselves too! ;)

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Whatever happened to keepin’ it real?!

I thought long and hard about what Mommy Powers first blog post should be and one theme kept running through my head…keepin' it real. Whatever happened to keeping' it real? Maybe it's just me, but folks seem so "fake" nowadays.

Perhaps it's just social media in general, everyone trying to keep up with the Joneses. I don't want to keep up with the Joneses, because the Joneses are up to their ears in debt! Mr. Jones is having an affair with his secretary and Mrs. Jones is hitting the martini bar by 12 noon! Their kids are experimenting with drugs and having unprotected sex every chance they get! But you'd never know it by looking at them, or talking to Mrs. Jones. Ask her how her she's doing and she'll tell you Sally Sue just made the honor roll for the 500th time in a row, Jr. is the star quarterback on his football team and Little Johnny made first chair in band again! But deep inside, Mrs. Jones is falling apart, her life's a mess and she's too vain to say anything. 

Why do we lie to each other? Why do we pretend everything is hunky-dory when it's not? No one has a "perfect" life so why do so many people want you to believe theirs is? I just don't get it.

Then there's the mom that posts how much she loves her child because he made the honor roll for the 1000th time! Of course you love him, what's not to love?! Loving a child like that is easy! LOL! My oldest has not made the honor roll in years! He has ADHD & it is a struggle to get him to do his homework…not that he is not capable, but because he just does not "want" to!  He challenges me on a daily basis- I have to constantly nag, yes nag, him to do his schoolwork. But you know what, I love him anyways! He is my son, he may not make straight A's, but he's my boy and I am proud of him. 

That's keepin' it real. I believe we are on this earth to encourage and help one another. How can we do that when everyone is walking around pretending everything is fine- that they have a perfect life and if your life is not perfect like theirs, then there is something terribly wrong with you. My life is not perfect, far from it. I struggle with far more than I care to share with you in this post, but I try to keep it real. I ask for help when I need it. I ask for prayers, I keep it real. 

I don't want anyone to look at my life and think it's perfect, because that's not real. That's not something you can live up to. Just like all the models on the covers of magazines, they don't really look that good. Those pictures are photo-shopped and manipulated to make them look that way. But you know what, there is still some teenaged girl in Iowa starving herself right now because she wants to look like the covergirls she sees in the magazines!

Life is not perfect, it gets messy and that's all right! Don't pretend everything is fine if it's not. Keep it real! 

Never stop using your Mommy Powers,