Zarbee’s Naturals Relieves My Seasonal Congestion! #ICanBreathe

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received a promotional item and a product sample as a thank you for participating. 
I love Spring time, unfortunately, Spring doesn’t always love me back. I have a lot of seasonal congestion and it really affects the time I get to spend outdoors. Don’t get me wrong-I’m still outside enjoying all this beautiful Northern CA weather… but I pay a price for doing so. 
Tree in Yosemite National Park

Tree in Yosemite National Park

My congestion is at an all-time high right now, every Pine Tree and Redwood Tree for miles around is blooming and that means congestion for me- lots of it. No bueno! All the stuffiness and difficulty breathing gets old-real fast. My sneezing, coughing, it’s pathetic! I can’t help but laugh about it, seasonal congestion strikes again! 
Recently, I was given an opportunity to try Zarbee’s Naturals, it’s made with Butterbur; a flowering plant used frequently in Europe, but not as much here in the U.S. Butterbur is an all-natural supplement, that helps promote respiratory health. I don’t like taking a lot of prescription meds, they usually have side effects associated with them. I don’t have to worry about side effects with Zarbee’s… no drowsiness, grogginess or dry mouth. The best part?! I CAN BREATHE! packaging@2x I now have a new tool in my battle against seasonal congestion, Yay! Would you like to try Zarbee’s for yourself? You can find out more and request a FREE sample on their Seasonal Relief Project Website

So, go to the website, request your FREE sample, get some coupons and breathe easier, naturally! 

Zarbee’s is available over the counter at CVS & Target. Intended for adults & children 12 years and older. 

Growing Up Biracial – The Series

I’ve been doing some thinking and brainstorming with a few of my Lovely blogger friends. We talked about what makes us stand apart from other bloggers. One of the things that immediately entered my mind was my Biracial journey. Maybe you remember the post I did some time back about  Growing Up Biracialadmin-ajax.php_-225x300

It makes perfect sense for me to post more about a topic I’m an expert in- being biracial! I’m very proud of my biracial heritage, and I’m raising multiracial, multicultural children. So be expecting lots more from me on everything from hair care to giving biracial kids the confidence they need to be proud of who they are.



#BlogginMamas Kids' Choice Awards Presenter Swag Bag and $500 The Childrens' Place Giftcard Giveaway

Ever watch one of those award shows on TV & wish you could score some of the awesome swag that the celebrities take home? Well. Mommy Powers has teamed up with Bloggin’ Mamas & Hollywood Swag Bags to make that wish a reality. One lucky winner will receive a Swag Bag that was given out to Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2014 Presenters and Nominees ($800 Value) + a $500 giftcard sponsored by The Children’s Place. WOW! This Giveaway is awesome!

The giveaway starts 4/17/14 AT 12:01am EST AND ends 4/30/14 AT 11:59pm EST. It IS OPEN TO United States Residents 18 AND over. Winner will be selected via AND notified via email within 48 hours after the drawing. Winner will have 48 hours TO respond OR a new winner will be selected. Winner’s name will be displayed via the Rafflecopter widget below.

Here is some of what you might find in your swag bag if you win:

  • Buddy Ball The Buddy Ball is a multi functional toy that can go from a teddy bear into a ball in a matter of seconds. The soft plush also stores a variety of kid treasures inside. The company gifted the nominees with a variety of their bears named Max, Eva, Landry and Sam.
  • OPPOS A line of girls leggings featuring interchangeable legs. Short for opposites, OPPOS™ enables girls to mix and match the legs of their leggings for a different look every day of the month (and beyond).
  • Various pieces of AngieShel Design’s gorgeous handcrafted jewelry.
  • Ericka La Presle-Freer, creator of Starbars is added her gourmet organic super food bar in a delicious mint chocolate chip flavor.
  • The “Brain Bar” was included to help nominees get their “Think On”, particularly helpful during an acceptance speech.
  • Darby’s English Toffee is the finest toffee maker in Southern California. They have added their classic box for the nominees.
  • Author Jennifer Ormond gifted her precious book Baby’s Binky Box.
  • Oxylent Multivitamin Supplement Drink Oxygenates, hydrates, circulates and rejuvenates. Drink Oxylent Breathe Life.
  • SeaSnax, a favorite among celebrities, launched a new product “Chomperz” to all the recipients. Chomperz can be described similar to a chip, but with the low calories and nutrition of seaweed. SeaSnax are gluten free and all natural. Try Chomperz and you will be hooked.
  • Crave Naturals included three items from their product line, featuring the best selling Glide Thru Detangling Brush, Whiplash Eyelash Curler & Mirage Argan Oil.
  • Tat Patch takes your ripped, destroyed and distressed jeans to a new level. Tat Patches go on the inside, peeking out. Everyone received an assortment of cool designs.
  • DidiPopMusic supplied nominees with a collection of her smart and soulful music for kids.
  • Rusk Hair made sure the nominees’ hair was perfectly groomed with its entire line of products.
  • Nominees over the age of 21 enjoyed Tipsy Girl Wine Design Custom bedazzled wine glasses for the sophisticated oenophile.
  • Focal Instincts Photography is including a gift certificate for award winning photography.



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Hopping Down the #BunnyTrail with HERSHEY’S {Easter Cupcakes & Giveaway}

 I was provided with candy by HERSHEY’S as well as a stipend from The Global Influence Network as part of my participation in this campaign. All thoughts and ideas are my own.

celebratewith-hersheyEaster is one of my favorite holidays. I enjoyed it immensely as a child: going on Easter Egg Hunts, making cascarones con mi familia, coloring Easter Eggs, and of course, a visit from the Easter Bunny & all that Easter candy! 

Now that I’m a Mom, I like watching my kids enjoy the holiday just as much as I did. I always try to make them a special treat or two, and this year is no different! HERSHEY’S sent me some delicious goodies to help get my creative juices flowing. With great candies like HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolates, JOLLY RANCHER Lollipops & Jelly Beans, REESE’S Peanut Butter Eggs, WHOPPERS Robin Eggs, & ROLO Candy – I can’t miss, right?! 

I decided to make some cupcakes & then decorate them. After my cupcakes were baked & cooled off, I frosted them. Then I took some flaked coconut and dyed it green. photo 1-001I used the coconut to make a “nest” on top of my cupcake. I just sprinkled the coconut onto the cupcake.

photo 2-001Then I took a few of the HERSHEY’S candies (the WHOPPERS Robin Eggs & JOLLY RANCHER Lollipops) and used them to decorate my nest. The lollipops were just the right size and I simply inserted the whole thing into the cupcake. Easy peasy! photo 5 I think my Easter Cupcakes turned out really cute, how about you?! photo 4If you like my Easter Cupcake creation, you need to take a look at, for some other cute Easter ideas. I  really like this one: 

bottom-right Now that I’ve given you a few ideas for Easter, how about a little GIVEAWAY?! I can feel the egg-citement in the air! 

Winner receives an assortment of HERSHEY’S Easter Candy, good luck! 

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Hidden Danger of Uterine Fibroids-What You Must Know

I’ve posted before about my own personal battle with fibroids. You can read all about it here: Aunt Flo Overstaying Her Welcome? I shared that I underwent an Abdominal Myomectomy a few years ago.  For those unfamiliar with the procedure; Abdominal Myomectomy is type of surgery. Your surgeon will locate as many fibroids as possible & cut them out of your uterus. You will then be stitched up and spend several days in the hospital, before being sent home to finish recuperating. Recovery time is about six weeks. Abdominal Myomectomy is major surgery. (Below is a photo of the fibroids that were removed from my uterus during my Abdominal Myomectomy).

Fibroids removed during Abdominal Myomectomy surgeryThe fibroids that are removed cannot return, but there is no guarantee that new ones will not form. Such is the case with me. I’m once again plagued with fibroids and recently made an appointment with my OB/Gyn. I’ve been dealing with this mess for so long-I’ve become very accustomed to the pain and everything else involved. 

My latest visit and discussion with my new Doc was an eye-opener. As I was talking to her and describing my latest symptoms, she stopped what she was doing (typing everything I said into my chart), looked at me and said, “That’s scary!”  She then went on to say what I was describing was Acute Blood Loss and it could lead to a HEART ATTACK! What?!

Prior to this, all I’d ever worried about was Anemia. No Dr had ever told me that all this blood loss could lead to a heart attack! Things just got real! It’s time to make some major healthcare decisions-this has got to stop. First thing I decided to do was get a Lupron injection. The injection is supposed to stop my cycle. It’s given once a month, for several months. It cannot be used long-term, as it can be harmful. 

I have important choices to make. I’m scheduled for a few ultrasounds, and once we get those results back, I’ll be ready to take the next step. I will be sharing my journey with all of you-no matter what I decide.

I think it’s important that women know fibroids need to be taken seriously. Don’t suffer in silence, tell your Dr everything that’s going on with you. Your life might depend on it.




Kickin’ It Old School With Target’s Big G Retro Cereal!

 I was sent Big G Retro Cereal samples via Platefull Co-op & General Mills. No other compensation has been received. All opinions are my own. 

There are certain triggers in everyone’s life… a smell, a song, a food… that can take them all the way back to their childhood. Something as innocent as cereal, can bring back so many memories.

I grew up with very strict parents- cereal wasn’t really allowed in our home. Wait, let me rephrase that, the good cereals weren’t allowed in our home! We had wheat germ & bran cereal… that’s it. 

I’d see all those cereal commercials on TV every Saturday morning, wishing I could have my own big bowl of Lucky Charms. Don’t go feeling sorry for me though… I did get to partake in the goodies from time to time.

Whenever I’d spent the night with my cousin, I had a blast. My cousin and I have always had a great relationship- she “gets” me & vice versa. She appreciates my nerdiness & embraces it. We’d stay up all night watching cable shows we had no business watching & talking about our “dream guys.” (Spud, is that you?!) In the morning, we’d wake up and eat CEREAL! Not just any cereal, but the good stuff- no bran here! Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you name it- it was in my cousin’s pantry! It was like Christmas morning for a cereal deprived child like myself! 

For a limited time, Target has all your favorite General Mills cereals in their original retro boxes! Did you know Cheerios have been around since 1945, or that folks have been enjoying their Lucky Charms since 1964?! 

Make sure to stop by your nearest Target & pick up your favorite cereal, in it’s specially marked Retro Box today! 

What are some of your fondest childhood memories?

Sing Into Spring Disney Music Giveaway!

I was sent a complimentary collection of Disney Music CDs as part of Entertainment New Media Network. Giveaway is sponsored through the network by Mommy Powers with prizes provided by Walt Disney Records. 

imageSpring has sprung, finally! I know a few of y’all are still experiencing frigid temps-but how about a little Disney music to warm you up?

I’m a total #musicjunkie, always have been-always will be. Music has always been a constant in my life, no matter what I was going through; my tunes were always there for me. I’m sure many of you can relate.

I’ve passed my love of music on to my children. My little one loves to jam out to his favorite artists, and I’m usually right beside him-boppin’ my head to the beat. 

If y’all love music as much as I do-then you’re going to LOVE this giveaway! I have something for the littles and something for the tweens. 

There will be 2 PRIZES, one for the preschoolers & one for the tweens. 2 prizes=2 winners.

For the preschoolers, we have a 4 CD set that includes:

  • Frozen soundtrack
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates / Yo Ho Matey
  • Doc McStuffins soundtrack
  • DJ Shuffle

Disney music  for preschoolers-1For the tweens, I have a 4 CD set that includes:

  • Frozen soundtrack
  • Teen Beach Movie soundtrack
  • Disney Channel: Play it Loud
  • Austin & Ally: Turn It Up soundtrack
  • Disney music  for tweens-1 This is going to be a quick turnaround giveaway- so don’t put off entering, this will be over before you know it! TWO DAYS, that’s all you have, so get busy!


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Our Toxic Lives #FightToxins

This is a sponsored post, in collaboration with Social Good Moms & Seventh Generation. All opinions are my own. 

Protecting my family & keeping them safe are vitally important to me. There’s NOTHING I wouldn’t do for my family-they mean the world to me. When I heard about the #FightToxins Campaign, spearheaded by Seventh Generation-I knew I wanted in. hp_2_clean


More than 80,000 chemicals currently available in the US have NEVER been fully tested for their toxic effects on humans & the environment? Are you kidding me?! 

MY KIDS ARE NOT GUINEA PIGS! fbshare_03The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), was passed in 1976 and has never been updated. You might think that the chemicals used to make products sold in the U.S., like toys and dishes, are regulated and tested for safety — they’re not. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA,) grandfathered in 62,000 chemicals when enacted in 1976. Since then, over 20,000 new chemicals have been added. The EPA has required very few of these to be tested for their impacts on our health and the environment.

It’s time to update the regulation on these chemicals.

These chemicals are found in everything we interact with on a daily basis. Our children’s toys, our clothes, our dishes, our cleaning supplies, our furnishings, our cars- EVERYTHING! 

Exposure to these toxic chemicals have suspected links to Cancer, Asthma, Birth Defects, Learning Disabilities and many other things. Once again, MY CHILDREN ARE NOT GUINEA PIGS! 

fbshare_03b What Can WE Do?!

I know it feels like there’s nothing you can do, but that’s not true! We can take a stand, & let Congress know this isn’t right & we’re not going to tolerate it anymore! Congress has the power to hold companies responsible for the safety of the ingredients they use. Tell them it’s time to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act and protect all our families from harmful chemicals. Join me and add your name to the petition here. They have over 81,000 signatures & need to get to 100,000. 

hp_1_action Spread the word, together we can make a difference in our lives & the lives of our children! 



You’re Upset By Vogue’s Cover of Kim & Kanye?! Really?! #adv2vax

I’ve seen it all- I really have. Folks are hatin’ on the Vogue cover of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West. People are so upset they have cancelled their Vogue subscriptions, others refuse to unwrap their copy of the magazine they received in the mail. Really?!

(Here’s the cover, courtesy of Vogue’s website)

img-apriltest_104557289055.jpg_guides_heroI get that Vogue is high fashion and KimYe aren’t … but to get all bent outta shape over a magazine cover… a MAGAZINE COVER? It makes no sense to me. I know both Kim and Kanye have their haters… and I know lots of folks are totally pissed because of the interracial thing (get over it folks!) – but to get mad, angry, irrate over a magazine cover, that’s just not me. 

You know what gets me upset? Knowing that every 20 seconds, a child in a third world country dies from a vaccine preventable disease. THAT angers me, not a Vogue cover! 

The fact that there’s been a measles outbreak in Southern CA- that upsets me.


* 1 in 5 children around the world doesn’t have access to the vaccines they need to survive.

* Around the world, a child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that can be prevented by a vaccine.

* The number of children dying every year from preventable diseases in developing countries, is nearly equivalent to half the children entering kindergarten in the U.S.

 Shot@Life Adv2VacThe Shot@Life Organization wants to ensure that children everywhere have a shot at a happy, healthy, long life. Every Child Matters, no matter where they live. Not every mother has the option of picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment with a pediatrician. Not all children has access to life-saving vaccines. Some mothers walk 15 miles, in the blazing Africa heat, just for the chance at having their child vaccinated.
This month, we’re asking supporters across the country, to raise their voices & advocate for a common cause. Shot@Life wants/needs sustaining support from Congress for global vaccine programs. No child should ever die from a preventable disease. Ever!
I’m a Shot@Life Champion, representing the state of CA. My voice matters & so does yours. Together with Shot@Life, I’m helping to save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of children. I can’t think of many things more important than saving the life of a child, can you? 
By sharing the Advocate2Vaccinate Coast to Coast Challenge for Global Vaccination, we’ll show that when united, individual voices can make a difference! 230784_322517377853262_812898594_n
Do you want to help us save children’s lives? Shot@Life is working with advocates throughout several geographical regions. During each region’s week of actions, we can earn points by doing certain things. I’m going to list a few examples, they’re so easy, you can do them from the comfort of your living room. Shot@Life has set a goal of 500 advocacy actions, and I know we’re going to blow that number out of the water! 
How You Can Help:  

* Take action & share this letter with your member(s) of Congress. Easy-peasy.

* Have a blog? Write an article and share with your tribe. You’re a writer, right? Use your words to save innocent lives! 

* Share our story on facebook and twitter using the hastag #Adv2Vax – here’s a sample tweet, copy and paste: “Take action! Join @ShotatLife’s Advocate2Vaccinate, a coast-to-coast challenge for global vax. #adv2vax.”

* Contact your local paper to have a letter published – Shot@Life has a sample letter to make it easy for you. No excuses! Call your local TV stations about an interview! 

* Contact Congress using the Shot@Life App. Let them know EVERY CHILD MATTERS!

* Make an Online Donation, just $5 can protect a child from measles & polio for a lifetime!

* Pledge your support, join us!

734862_122619897919523_851797430_nBeing a Shot@Life Champion is one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my entire life. We’re saving precious lives, each and every day. Every child matters, no matter where they were born or where they currently live. 

In closing, senseless deaths of children- that’s what angers me… not a Vogue cover.  

Du Pont Heir Rapes 3 Year Old Daughter & Gets Probation!

When I first saw this story, the only words I could muster up were, ”Oh hell no!”  

Here’s the article. Robert H. Richards IV, was originally sentenced to eight years in prison, but Delaware Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden, decided to suspend the sentence in lieu of probation instead. The reason? The judge didn’t think Richards would do well in prison! WTH?!vimegharh29pqnkvu4df

Who “does well” in prison to begin with? It’s PRISON, not the country club! It’s PUNISHMENT! This guy, (I refuse to call him a man) RAPED his 3 year old daughter, on more than one occasion. RAPED her! She was in her bedroom, at night, trying to sleep & he RAPED her! What about her? Did she “do well” in her bedroom, living in the same house as her RAPIST?! She was THREE YEARS OLD! 

DELAWARE, what’s going on? He’s a RAPIST, doesn’t matter who he’s related to or how much money they have. At least it SHOULDN’T matter who he’s related to or the size of their bank account. Sounds like another case of Capital Punishment to me … the more CAPITAL you have-the less PUNISHMENT you receive! 

But wait, there’s MORE! Apparently he also raped his young son, when the baby boy was just 19 months old. 

PROBATION?! Really?! This makes me sick! Protect the children, not the rapists. This guy deserves to be locked up for a very long time- he serves jail time, and ALL that it entails.