Come Meet San Francisco 49′ers Joe Staley!

This is a sponsored conversation, all opinions are mine. 

As I sit here writing this, I’m watching my 49ers play some Sunday Night Football. I LOVE my 49ers! Tomorrow, December 15th, I’ll get to meet #74, Mr. Joe Staley. EEEK! And guess what, if you’re in San Francisco, or near San Bruno, YOU can meet him too. (I wonder if he’ll bring Colin Kaepernick with him?! A girl can dream, right?!) 10492503_893732520666822_2742116953090003651_nWHEN & WHERE?

December 15, 2014 at the following Lucky’s locations:

  • Lucky Supermarket
    1515 Sloat Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94132
  • Lucky Supermarket
    1322 El Camino Real
    San Bruno, CA 94066

Joe Staley will be signing autographs & posing for pics, so bring your smile! While you’re at Lucky’s, be sure to pick up everything you need for your next tailgating party! Lucky Supermarkets and P&G have teamed up (see what I did there?!) to help make YOUR next tailgate a success. Start off with Secret, Head & Shoulders & Old Spice to get you all cleaned up & game ready and end with Bounty Paper Towels to wipe up the tailgate spills.


But wait, that’s not all!

In addition to meeting Joe Staley, Lucky is giving out free eye black stickers that feature the logo of your favorite San Francisco home town team! AND, when you buy $25 in P&G products you’ll receive a FREE San Francisco beanie hat! (I’m thinking stocking-stuffer, how ’bout you?!) 
Soooo… if you LOVE your 49ers, like I do…I know you’ll be first in line at Lucky’s tomorrow, right?! I’ll be in San Bruno, so you can get in line BEHIND me! 
Photo credits & 49ers IG. 

DIY Baby Shower Ideas {Circus Theme}

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Huggies® and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own. 

One of the most amazing times of a woman’s life is when she’s expecting a baby. Every day brings you one step closer to holding your little bundle of joy in your arms. There are many changes your body goes through in preparation for that day…and frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. 

1965082_889614864411921_9053780023775310923_nLet’s be honest, being pregnant isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. There’s morning sickness, aches & pains, and weight gain… not to mention the stress of realizing you will now be responsible for another human being! Right?! 

It’s normal to feel stressed out and tired, but one thing you shouldn’t stress over is your baby shower! I’m going to give you a few ideas, and hopefully they will inspire you and help relieve a bit of your anxiety. Here’s how to throw an awesome baby shower!


I recently attended a fellow blogger’s baby shower. Elba of Live Colorful, chose a Circus theme and it was the cutest shower ever! 


Color! Look at all those bright colors, they just pop! The colors really set the tone for the party, I walked in knowing this was going to be tons of fun. Vibrant color gave this baby shower LIFE! 

The decorations were simple, they made sense, and they were appealing to the eye. You don’t need a lot of extra… stuff! Keep it simple, you don’t want your decor to look too busy.


I remember being invited to a shower many years ago that didn’t serve any food or drink. Did I mention the shower took place right at lunch time?! We kept waiting to be offered something, anything, to snack on…but nothing. It made for a very long afternoon. 

You don’t have to provide a 5 course meal for your guests, but a little something to nibble on will be most appreciated. Elba’s shower was on point, she served sandwiches, empanadas, fruit, cheese & crackers and a fabulous orange juice punch! (Note the chips in the popcorn bags, perfect for her Circus themed shower!) 10689476_892247014148706_2872646531845450204_n10710600_892199967486744_4354852619952082283_n (1)10806483_889565064416901_1445198271296737049_n

Cake made by Janneth of Sweet Vanile’.


It’s not a party without games, am I right?!  I was introduced to a new baby shower game at Elba’s party & I’m sharing it with all of you. Maybe you’ve played it before. 10801788_892251254148282_6780983400758090342_n See that Huggies Little Snuggler Diaper? There were 5 of those on the table. They had each been filled with a candy from the board, some had more than 1 candy in them. The diaper was heated in the microwave, the candy melted, and we had to figure out which candy was in each diaper. Talk about a fun game, everyone really got into it & you could see their competitive spirits emerge.

Now would be a great time to tell y’all about Huggies Little Snuggler Diapers: Huggies Little Snugglers

  • New GentleAbsorb* liner to provide a cushiony layer of protection with hundreds of tiny absorbent pillows to help draw mess away from your baby’s delicate newborn skin.
  • Cottony-soft inside and out to help keep your baby comfy.
  • Wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time to change.
  • Umbilical cord cut-out to help protect sensitive belly buttons (newborn only).
  • Flexible, pocketed waistband to help keep in mess
  • unique stretchy SnugFit Waistband provides a gentle, secure fit.

Don’t forget the wipes, Huggies Natural Care Wipes are just what you need for delicate skin:

  • Our simplest formula ever for a gentle clean.
  • Triple clean layers – strong, soft and absorbent layers that are gentle on baby’s skin, yet thick enough to clean the mess.
  • Aloe & Vitamin E.
  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance free and alcohol free. 


You can get a FREE sample of Huggies Little Snuggler Diapers & Huggies Natural Clean Wipes by visiting

While you’re at it, why not make a Baby Registry List too. Elba made sure to create her registry and to add lots of Huggies Little Snuggler Diapers and Wipes to it. Guess what? It worked! She is now well stocked with Huggies for her new little one.

Make Your Baby Registry Wish Come True!

Is there something you wish you could put on your registry, but simply can’t? Add Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers and Huggies Natural Care® Wipes to your baby registry and submit your wish. If you’re selected as a winner, we’ll do everything we can to make your wish come true. Go to

 I’m sure you want to know what I got for the baby, right?!  First off, lots of Huggies diapers & wipes, of course! 

1560728_892264140813660_698141691239106729_n I also got the baby the cutest little outfit and diaper changing pad, from a fantastic clothing designer. Fili of Fili’s Boutique, made this amazing kimono for me. Fili is originally from Africa, and now resides in Quebec. I’m a huge fan of Batiks & bright colors, go check her out! 10845888_892208040819270_6198736977081697048_o

 I hope I have given you some baby shower ideas you can use to make your shower stress-free and fabulous! 

Orange Clove Pomander {Christmas Craft}


This truly is the most wonderful time of the year, wouldn’t you agree?

One of my favorite things about Christmas, are all of the wonderful aromas. Whether it’s food cooking in the oven, or the scent of freshly-cut Christmas trees, smells can trigger so many memories of past holidays. This Christmas craft will have your home smelling festive!




An orange

Whole cloves (available at the grocery store)

Cinnamon (optional)




1. Using the toothpick, poke holes in the orange. (I made about 6 holes at a time).

2. Once the hole is made, insert one whole clove into the hole, push it all the way in.

3. Do this all over the orange, or make a design of your choice, like a star pattern – there’s no right or wrong way to do this. Put as many cloves into the orange as you want.

4. After the orange is covered in cloves, you can put cinnamon on it… or leave it as is, without cinnamon. The choice is yours.

5. Your pomander can be hung up using ribbon or displayed on a plate. It will shrink in size after a couple of weeks, this is normal & does not affect the scent. Enjoy your sweet-smelling craft!76a8715e72d16b0e4050450abfac489a

These are lots of fun to make, and your kids will love helping! Enjoy!

#MommyPowersDrives Big Announcement!


This past weekend, I attended the San Francisco International Auto Show, as an invited guest. 10676394_885049731535101_1205158971295007338_n I got to see many new cars, from just about every automotive maker in the industry! I was even able to get behind the wheel of a few of them & take them for a spin around the City. Most importantly, this marked the beginning of my newest addition to Mommy Powers, Car Reviews! 

That’s right, I will now be reviewing vehicles and posting my experiences with them here on the blog. I’ll be starting off with a Mazda, a brand I’m pretty familiar with. Not sure which one I’ll be reviewing yet- I’ll be making my decision this week. I’m SO excited and hope you’ll enjoy my reviews! 1965030_885057678200973_3559742615840608188_n

12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY!

I’ve partnered with a few Bloggers to bring you a GIVEAWAY! Good luck and I appreciate all my readers so very much! 
12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
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1- Purex Crystal bottle, 
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Hallmark ornament    

** YOU must be 18+ in order to enter and this is open internationally**Prizes will be added to this giveaway as they become available.

New Bilingual Website for Kids! {Peep and the Big Wide World}

This is a sponsored conversation, in collaboration with PEEP and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own. 

PeepAs I’ve mentioned before, I’m biracial. My Mother is Latina, I grew up listening to her speaking Spanish with my Abuela and all my Tias (Aunts) and Tios (Uncles). I grew up with English as my first language. I really wish my Mom had spoken to me in Spanish, or taught me more Spanish than she did. Back then, parents wanted their kids to be fluent in English, so that’s what I grew up learning. 

Today, I’m pretty fluent in Espanol…not as fluent as I’d like to be, (I understand a lot more than I can speak), but I can get my point across. I want my kids to know more Spanish than I did, at their age. My oldest often surprises me, (in a good way,) with the amount of Spanish he’s able to speak. Sometimes he’ll send me a text in Spanish! 

My little one is learning, and I introduce him to Spanish words as often as I can. His favorite word right now is Pelota (ball). I’ve purchased bilingual books for him and help him read them. I want my kids to be bilingual and fluent in Spanish-it can only help them in the long run. 

PEEP_ESPANOL_no egg_characters One way I’m helping my little one learn Spanish, is by watching Peep and the Big Wide World, on public television. Narrated by comedian Joann Cusack, the show helps preschoolers learn all about science and math. The star of the show is a wide-eyed chicken, named Peep, and his buddies Chirp and Quack, who live in a large urban park. Peep and the Big Wide World makes learning fun by using creative methods of teaching like observing, making predictions, and problem solving in the world around them. 

We used these techniques recently to learn all about Fall and the changing leaves. 10432471_884516648255076_36321945761062722_n My little guy enjoyed using a magnifying glass to closely examine the leaves we gathered outside. All the while, I was teaching him words in Spanish! My little one responds best to fun learning activities, so this was a blast for him! 10609411_884517088255032_4417527789216987512_n There’s also a Peep and the Big Wide World website, that’s full of bilingual goodness! Check out both the show and the website & let me know what you think.

You can also Like Peep Latino on Facebook & Follow Peep on Twitter for more fun & educational learning activities. 


 Which educational websites do your kids like? 

Thanksgiving Craft – Handprint Turkey

My little one loves arts & crafts. Here’s a fun craft that you can do with your children, they’ll enjoy making it and you’ll be creating memories in the process. Years from now, you can look back & remember just how small their hands once were. 665143_551988334816597_2014135262_o


5 sheets of construction paper

1 cardboard tube (from empty toilet paper roll)



1. Place the five sheets of construction paper on top of each other. Trace your child’s hand print onto the top sheet.

2. Holding all five sheets together, carefully cut the hand print out. 

3. Draw eyes onto the cardboard tube. Cut out a small triangle-shaped beak from the leftover construction paper. Glue the beak onto the tube. Cut out a small turkey neck wattle from the paper and glue it to the tube.

4. Arrange the hand prints behind the tube and glue them in place, one by one (see photo).

8ef301e038a6a6d08ea9183846fa2856Doesn’t get much cuter, or easier, than this! Happy Thanksgiving! 

New Music From Mary J. Blige! #TheLondonSessions

I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.

25f3417a-6dff-11e4-8c26-22000af93a2dI remember the first time I heard Mary J. Blige on the radio, back when she was searching for “Real Love”. You remember that jam?! I was hooked, she immediately became one of my favorite female singers. I have followed her career ever since, and Ms. Mary has continued to give us hit after hit. When she released “No More Drama,” after going through some really tough times- she showed everyone what she was made of, and proved that she was here to stay.

Mary has a knack for singing about things we can all relate to, and because she’s experienced many of the things she croons about-you can hear the emotion in her voice. Mary’s like that one girlfriend you can share all your secrets with, you know she won’t judge you, because she’s been there-done that too.c9bfcad6-6dfe-11e4-a6bf-22000afd2dc7

Mary J. Blige recently took a little trip across the pond (that’s another way of saying she spent some time in London), and came back with a brand new CD, The London Sessions. Mary worked with some of the UK’s hottest on this CD, including Sam Smith, Sam Romans, Naughty Boy, Jimmy Naples, Emelie Sande’, and Disclosure. The result is a brand new sound, something we haven’t heard from Mary J. Blige before.


This music is for the Grown & Sexy folks, it’s smooth and refined, much like Mary herself. Don’t take my word for it, Take a look & have a listen for yourself! (This is one of my faves off the CD: Whole Damn Year.)
Here are the other cuts on the CD:



Not Loving You

When You’re Gone

Right Now

My Loving

Long Hard Look

Nobody But You

Pick Me Up


Worth My Time


Mary J. Blige is a bonafide Diva, I was boppin’ my head to these funky UK beats and lovin’ this new music!

The London Sessions CD will be available December 2, 2014. Preorder on:

iTunes or Amazon

Great stocking stuffer! You can listen to more of Mary’s new music on her Youtube channel.

What’s your favorite Mary J. Blige song?!

I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.


National Family Caregivers Month

I’m pleased to partner with Midlife Boulevard, to bring you this important public service information about National Family Caregivers Month.

The Changing Roles For Parents & Children

I recently posted about my Mother’s battle with Dementia/Alzheimer’s, and what it has taught me. You can read about it here, in case you missed it. 

Sooner or later, we all reach an age when our parent’s health begins to decline. Many times, it is at this moment, when our roles reverse and the Child becomes the Caregiver. I witnessed it when I was a kid, when my Mother took care of her Mom…and so the cycle continues. 
Did you know November is National Family Caregivers Month? It’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate the more than 42 million people in the U.S. that are caring for an older relative or friend. If you are a caregiver yourself, or if you know one, you know that sometimes this means you need extra support. 

My Mom now resides in a facility, getting the type of individualized care she requires. My MIL, on the other hand, is being cared for in her home. My FIL is her primary caregiver. Like my Mom, my MIL is battling Alzheimer’s. For the most part, my FIL is on his own, caring for his wife. There are other family members that help him from time to time, but the brunt of her care is left to him. It can be overwhelming. 

The more than 42 million caregivers in the U.S. (like my FIL),  provide an estimated $450 billion worth of unpaid care to aging relatives, family members, and friends. Many people think that caregivers are paid health professionals, providing full-time care to someone in need of daily help. The stark reality is that most caregivers are also working and managing their own families at the same time. Being a Caregiver can be highly stressful- putting caregivers at risk for depression, anxiety immunosuppression, cardiovascular disease, premature aging, etc., not to mention causing financial problems. 

When my FIL first started caring for my MIL, he was lost. There was so much he needed to learn, so many new things he was dealing with. I remember getting on my computer and trying to connect him with local resources. What I didn’t know then, was that AARP has a whole community of experts and caregivers that can assist you at

AARP can help you with topics like:

1. Prepare to Care (Caregiving Planning Guide For Families).

2. 12 Resources Every Caregiver Should Know About. 

3. Ten Tips For Caregivers During the Holidays.

These are just a fraction of the topics available to you from AARP. Utilize these resources. There is help out there, and AARP is a great place to turn for support. 

Let’s Talk About Financial Management, Shall We?!

This post is brought to you by a #sponsored campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Wells Fargo. All thoughts and content are my own.

I grew up watching my Mom clip coupons and buy things on sale. As a result, I’m a pretty frugal person; I know how to save my money and like my Mother, I’m all about waiting for a good sale. We aren’t all frugal, but I believe we can all learn ways to better manage our finances. 


Empower yourself with financial knowledge. I have met so many people, women especially, that don’t know anything about budgeting, good credit or saving money. These are things that every woman needs to educate herself on. I know some of you are saying, “My husband takes care of that.” Right? Wrong! You need to know how to handle these things for yourself! I’m a strong Latina woman-I don’t need a man controlling my finances, I’m more than capable of doing that for myself, gracias! Don’t depend on someone else, take the first step and learn how to manage YOUR finances YOURSELF! We all work hard for our money, and it’s vital that we know how to make it work for us. By sticking to a budget, I’m able to monitor my finances and know exactly how much I have to spend (and save!) every month. 

Five Easy Steps To Creating A Budget

Step 1: Organize. At its core, a budget is a worksheet with two columns: one for income & one for expenses. 

Step 2: Track. For one month, keep a detailed log of all your spending habits.

Step 3: Analyze. At the end of the month, add up your income and your expenses and then subtract your expenses from your income.

Step 4: React. After looking at all of your expenses, separate them into categories and set a budget for each.

Step 5: Review: Review your budget every month, particularly in the early stages. 

How’s Your Credit?

Do you know what your credit score is or how it’s calculated? Wells Fargo Infographic_ENGLISH Your credit score is extremely important. A good score could mean the difference between qualifying for a home loan or being denied. Staying on budget and paying your bills on time will help ensure a high credit score. When it’s time to buy that new home, you’ll be so glad you put in the work to raise your credit score! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.11.21 PM

I wasn’t born knowing these things, someone taught me. We all have to learn from someone, verdad? If you’re not as well-versed on personal finances as you’d like to be, no worries. Wells Fargo is committed to making financial education and in-language resources available to Latino consumers. They provide customers with bilingual online tools, Spanish Text Banking, Spanish account statements, Spanish-language call centers, Spanish-speaking bankers in stores across the nation, and more. These resources are a Godsend for family members that feel more confident communicating in Espanol. 

As part of that commitment, and in order to connect with the Hispanic community in a meaningful way, Wells Fargo recently collaborated with Telemundo for the “Conversemos de Tus Finanzas” campaign. The campaign is focused on empowering Hispanics to enhance their financial knowledge and help them to reach their financial goals. The campaign provides customized content, tools and resources around the important financial topics of money management and credit.

Invest in yourself, your familia, and your future, by learning all you can about financial management. Si se puede! 

Big shout out to #WellsFargo for going the extra mile and giving us the tools we need to succeed.